Build an exciting career in the recruitment industry

Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking to change careers, now is a great time to get into the recruitment and staffing industry. Demand is growing in all specialities, and some of the most successful recruiters come from outside the industry, so experience is no barrier.

Powered by recruitment and staffing industry peak body RCSA, Recruitment Careers is your roadmap to exploring the industry and getting started on a pathway to an exciting career where no two days are the same.

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Are you the social director,
people connector and go-getter?

If you have a love of working with people, a can-do attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit,
the recruitment and staffing industry is looking for you! Every day, you’ll work with
diverse colleagues, candidates and clients to:

  • Change lives
  • Grow businesses
  • Shape futures
  • Inspire others to follow their dreams

…and have a whole lot of fun along the way!


One of my favourite aspects of my job is having such a positive and direct impact on the lives of others. Recruitment consultants do real, on-the-ground work, and I see the positive ripple effects of that often. Every decision however small, impacts important aspects of your candidate’s next career move and when executed well impacts their live in a great way, even changing their livelihood. Being able to make positive changes in the community is a great feeling. It makes me love what I do even more, knowing my everyday decisions and actions are truly meaningful.

Priya Raj
Hunter Executive Consultants, WA

What if you don’t have
industry experience?

The game has changed, and successful recruiters come from all walks of life.
Today’s recruitment is about building meaningful long-term connections, making it perfect for people from
a range of career backgrounds. You’ll act as a talent agent, helping clients scout their next hire
and candidates make their next moves, inspiring them to follow their dreams

Meet Jessica, a rising star of the recruitment and staffing industry who is passionate about inspiring others.

Inspire others to follow their dreams…while following yours

Whether you see yourself recruiting candidates for your industry, placing tomorrow’s CEOs, leading a team of recruitment specialists or running your own show, you can build your dream career in recruitment.

Become an industry influencer, shaping your future and leveraging your social media networks to accelerate your career.

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“As a recruitment consultant, I have so much flexibility and can take my career in whichever direction I choose. I aspire to run my own business focusing on recruitment for allied health industries in the future. My background and degree are in sports sciences and working in recruitment has allowed me to combine the two worlds, contributing to the future of an industry I’m passionate about.”

Jordan Eades
Enterprise Recruitment, New Zealand

Your industry through a
different lens

If you’ve already studied in a particular field or have started working in an industry, you know what it takes to thrive in your field. As a recruiter, you can leverage this expertise to match candidates with fulfilling careers, shaping your industry’s future.

Meet Michael a recruiter from an allied health background who is kicking goals in a new industry.

You can’t can ask that!

We know making a career decision isn’t always easy, and the best way to decide whether a move is right for you is to ask the people who do it every day. Book a chat with one of our recruiter mentors who’ll answer all those questions you might not want to ask a potential employer.

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Let’s make it happen.

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